• Elena Fumagalli

    Assistant Professor @ Torcuato Di Tella University

    Elena is an assistant professor of marketing at Torcuato Di Tella University (Buenos Aires, Argentina). She received her Ph.D. in marketing from HEC Paris in France and, prior to entering the Ph.D. program, she received her B.A. from Cattolica University in Milan and her M.Sc. in Marketing Management at Bocconi University.


    Elena's research interests fall into the domains of consumer self-identity and emotion in consumer psychology. At the intersection of these domains, her dissertation research investigates the influence of aversive states (i.e., identity threats, negative emotions, negative outcomes) on consumers’ motivations and behavior.

  • Research Interests

    Loneliness, Identity Threats, Compensatory Consumption, Consumers Identity Negotiation, Affective and Motivational Processes.

    Refereed Journal Articles

    Elena Fumagalli, L. J. Shrum, and Tina M. Lowrey (forthcoming), “Consuming In Response to Loneliness: Bright Side and Dark Side Effects.” Current Opinion in Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.copsyc.2022.101329


    Yi Li and Elena Fumagalli (in press), “Spoiled Rotten: How and When Discontinuation of Repetitive and Regular Delight Offers Increases Customer Desire for Revenge.” Journal of Retailing. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretai.2021.08.002


    Elena Fumagalli, Marina B. Dolmatzian, and L. J. Shrum (2021), “Centennials, FOMO, and Loneliness: An Investigation of the Impact of Social Networking and Messaging/VoIP Apps Usage During the Initial Stage of the Coronavirus Pandemic.” Frontiers in Psychology, 12. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.620739

    Research in Progress

    With L.J. Shrum and Jaehoon Lee

    Chronically Lonely Consumers Avoid Rather than Seek Out Interpersonal Touch-Related Services Because of Lack of Interpersonal Trust and Lack of Comfort with Interpersonal Touch. Under review at the International Journal of Research in Marketing


    With L.J. Shrum

    When Disgust Puts You Down: The Effect of Disgust Exposure on Consumers’ Identity and Compensatory Consumption. Manuscript available, preparing for submission to the Journal of Advertising


    With Luca Visconti

    To Me or Not to Me: Personal Body as Contended Ownership. Manuscript in preparation, targeted at the Journal of Consumer Research


    With L.J. Shrum and Suresh Ramanathan

    Being a Chameleon Helps: How Holding Multiple Identities Protects Consumers Against Identity Threats. Data collection in progress.


    With Christina Kan

    Multiple Identities and Multiple Resources: How Scarcity Perception is Influenced by Identity Salience. Data collection in progress.

  • Teaching Interests


    Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Research, Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing.

    Teaching Experience



    • 2021 Consumer Behavior and Emerging Markets, Torcuato Di Tella University (MBA, 24 hours, 11 students, average evaluation 5/5)
    • 2021 Consumer Behavior, Torcuato Di Tella University (Undergraduate, 45 hours, 25 students, average evaluation 4.91/5)
    • 2021 Neurociencia Aplicada a los Negocios, Torcuato Di Tella University (Executive Education, 10 hours, 22 students, 4.77/5)
    • 2020 Consumer Behavior, Torcuato Di Tella University (Master in Management & Analytics, 15 hours, 31 students, 4.73/5)
    • 2020 Consumer Behavior and Emerging Markets, Torcuato Di Tella University (MBA, 12 hours, 39 students, average evaluation 4.50/5)
    • 2020 Consumer Behavior, Torcuato Di Tella University (Undergraduate, 45 hours, 7 students, average evaluation 4.86/5)
    • 2020  Consumer Behavior, Torcuato Di Tella University (Undergraduate, 45 hours, 33 students, average evaluation 4.73/5)
    • 2019 Consumer Behavior, Torcuato Di Tella University (Master in Management & Analytics, 15 hours, 40 students, 3.93/5)
    • 2019 Consumer Behavior, Torcuato Di Tella University (Undergraduate, 45 hours, 38 students, average evaluation 4.12/5)
    • 2019 Consumer Behavior, Torcuato Di Tella University (Undergraduate, 45 hours, 26 students, average evaluation 3.76/5)
    • Research Methods for Social Sciences (co-instructor), University of Calabria (2018; average evaluation TBD)
    • Research Methods for Social Sciences (co-instructor), University of Calabria (2017; average evaluation 6.2/7)
    • Consumer Behavior, ESCP Europe (2017; Specialized Master, 15 hours, 49 students, average evaluation 3.34/4)
    • Research Methods for Social Sciences (co-instructor), University of Calabria (2015; average evaluation 6.8/7)

    Teaching Assistant (HEC Paris 2014-2015)

    • Leading Digital Transformation (ExEd) for Professor Kristine de Valck (2017)

    • Luxury Management Summer School for Professor Anne Michaut-Denizeau (2015)
    • Statistics and business analytics (MBA) for Professor Peter Ebbes (2014, 2015)

    Teaching Assistant (Bocconi University 2011-2012)

    • Marketing in Creative Industries for Professor Gabriele Troilo (2011)
    • Marketing research for Professor Maria Carmela Ostilio (2012)
    • Marketing for Professor Lei Wang (2012)
    • Sales and Key Account Management for Professor Paolo Guenzi (2012)

    Pedagogical Contribution


    Peer-Reviewed Business Cases


    Fumagalli E. (2021). “Ethical Consumerism and Glass Box Branding: When Companies’ Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” SAGE Business Cases. (Voted SAGE’s 2021 Editor’s Choice Award for Marketing)


    Fumagalli E. (2020). “Tough love: when social media influencers’ digital detox goes wrong,” SAGE Business Cases. (Voted Best Marketing Business Case of 2019 by SAGE Editorial Team)


    Fumagalli E. (2019). “Direct-to-consumer DNA testing and product personalization: one size does not fit all genes,” SAGE Business Cases.



  • Undergraduate

    "Elena has divided the course material in such a way that it fits a class of such large volume of students. Group projects are always welcome during online studies as well as it allows one to socialize more with classmates despite not being there in person and this has both academic and personal gains."

    "Elena is a very good and very nice professor. Although it was mostly online she managed to make the course very interesting and interactive"


    “Me encantó. Muy interesante. Se vieron herramientas analiticas relevantes junto con el background necesario para analizar data relevante al comportamiento del consumidor.”


    “La profesora demostró mucha organización en las clases y en las tareas fuera de horario, eso motiva mucho a que uno también se organice y le dedique tiempo a la materia. Nada más que agregar, muy buena materia!”


    “Thank you to Elena who managed to stay focus even though it was very late night in Italy. Very professional. Super insightful class. I wish I had this class before I left the country and venture into the world. Thank you!


    “Excelente materia, contenidos y profesora. realmente muy recomendable. de las mejores materias de todo el MBA”


    "I attended Elena’s “Consumer Behaviors and Emerging Markets” course in UTDT in July. Elena curated a very interesting selection of readings and resources and was always willing to share additional papers and references with us. She teaches with great enthusiasm and kept the class engaged through excellent content and debate."

    Executive Education

    “Se nota que Elena sabe mucho y así lo expresa. Muy dispuesta a ayudar a sus alumnos en todo momento y siempre con buena onda. Sus clases fueron dinámicas y muy entretenidas. Sin dudas la califico con un excelente.”


    “Muy clara a la hora de explicar. Predispuesta a dar ejemplos y llevarlo al plano de lo concreto. Súper recomendable.”

  • Academic Affiliation

    Present & Past

    Torcuato Di Tella University

    Assistant Professor March 2019 - Present

    HEC Paris

    Marketing Ph.D. Candidate Sep 2013 – June 2018

    Texas A&M University

    Visiting Ph.D. Student Jan 2016 – December 2016

    Bocconi University

    Research Assistant September 2011 - January 2013

  • Honors & Awards

    SAGE’s 2021 Editor’s Choice Award for Marketing

    Best Marketing Business Case of 2019, SAGE Publishing Editorial Team

    AMA Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2017

    2016 Doctoral Fellowship, Labex ECODEC

    2015 Travel grant from HEC Paris for visit to Mays Business School, Texas A&M

    2013-15 Doctoral Fellowship, HEC Paris

    Post-graduate Research Scholarship, Bocconi University, Research Fellow, 2011

    Graduated Top 10% of graduating class 2009-2010, Bocconi University

  • Media Mentions

    La dispersión, un mal de época que pone a la tecnología en la mira

    La Nación - 13/02/2022


    April 2022



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