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ACR 2017

October 26-29, 2017, San Diego, California 

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That ACR warm fuzzy feeling

This year’s Association For Consumer Research Conference in San Diego has been very fulfilling. Every time I return home from this event, I am always charged with new energy and even more convinced that I love what I do.

I believe that few people really grasp what we do as academics, and it is always a relief when you can be in the same place as other 1,399 people that can understand you.

You do not feel isolated and better yet, you don't get asked questions such as:

"Are you still in school?"

"How can you like studying so much?"

or my favorite one ever: "When will you get a 'real' job"? 😊

Data Blitz Presentation

This year I had the honor to be asked to present at the conference. My working paper “Yuck! Feelings of Disgust, Self-threats, and Compensatory Behaviors.” has been selected as one of the best 29 working papers submitted to the conference (356 total) and I was given the opportunity to present it within a Data Blitz Session.

Data blitzes are sessions of 10 to 12 papers grouped around one or two topics or themes. Instead of waiting for people to wander by during a regular poster session, a data blitz session is included in the regular conference schedule. I had 5 minutes to present a condensed version of my working paper, and I must say that the fact that it was a single paper meta-analysis (SPM) made it easier. In fact, I could present the results of 8 individual studies with two tables (one for each dependent variable).

A meta-analysis is a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies. Traditional meta-analyses combine studies found in different papers whereas single-paper meta-analyses combine the results of multiple studies found in the same paper. If you are interested in learning more, please read this excellent tutorial.

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