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Proud Bocconi Alumnus

My take on living in Paris in an interview with ViaSarfatti25

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From Via Sarfatti to Paris

I remember the first day I walked down Via Sarfatti on my way to class; I felt so proud. Being admitted into the Master of Science at Bocconi University was an honor and a great opportunity. It was an accomplishment that could open doors to even more achievements. Bocconi Alumni are doing great things all around the world, and their alma mater is honoring them by telling their stories in its magazine ViaSarfatti25. Now, my story is among theirs.

At Bocconi I learned what marketing is, I met inspiring people, and I started my academic career. My passion for Marketing was latent until I took my first courses: Consumer Behavior, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Culture Theory, Marketing Research... I was fascinated by the enormous and diverse influence that this subject could have on both consumers and firms. I fell in love. To add to this exciting course content, my classmates were incredible. I had classmates coming from all over the world, and their cultural difference is what contributed to my growth the most during those years. Nowadays those friends are opening consultancy agencies in New York, working for Dolce and Gabbana, and doing all sorts of incredible things. Finally, at Bocconi, I started my academic career when writing an empirical master thesis with Prof. Gabriele Troilo. At that time, I was doing an internship at a big multinational company in Milan, but I soon realized that I loved doing research more. My advisor enlighted me and offered me an alternative: joining the academia. After two years spent as a Research Assistant in the marketing department, I left Milan to start my journey as a Ph.D. student in Paris. A few months ago, I was contacted by the magazine because they were interested in writing about my expat experience in their column dedicated to Alumni living abroad named Outgoing.

The article is written in Italian and talks about what I love the most about living in Paris: working in cafes, organizing picnics underneath the Tour Eiffel at dusk, buying last-minute tickets to go to the Opera, eating Vietnamese soups, visiting well-known and unknown art museums, and finding hidden vintage treasures on Sunday flea markets.

If you wish to check it out, it is on page 40 of the January-February 2018 issue.

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