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Too busy teaching

It is always a pleasure to teach the "qualitative research methods" summer school course with Luca M. Visconti at UNICAL. This year we had an exceptionally lively group of attendees from all over Italy. Look at all those smiley faces, we did have a good time indeed.

For the applied session I teach, my objective is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the NVivo software so that they can go back home with the fundamental skills that they need in order to build their project from scratch or to use computer assisted qualitative data analysis for the data that they already collected. First, I familiarize them with the NVivo interface (sources, nodes, cases, attributes). Second, I show them how to import and organize their data within a NVivo project (internals, externals, memos, framework matrices, relationships, sets, NCapture). Third, I describe the possible queries they can use to analyze and visualize their data (text search, word frequency, matrix coding, cluster analysis, chart builder). Finally, I provide them with some materials and ask them to apply what they learned during the previous hours.

One thing that I did not anticipate was that the Mac and Windows versions of the software are substantially different. Given that the screenshots I used in my slides were taken on my Windows computer, they were not always useful for participants using a Mac. I could circumvent this issue by grouping the mac users on one side of the room and by working more closely with them on their screens while leaving my screenshots to guide the rest of the class. Even if it was possible for me to address this issue on the spot, this experience will be surely useful for future courses involving the use of a specific software. Always keep compatibility in mind!

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