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Teaching the language of the future

What today's doodle reminded me of

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Today's doodle

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I opened Google as their doodle was meant to celebrate 50 years since kids programming languages were first introduced to the world. Although I always find their Doodles to be fun and inspiring, what I saw today stimulated more of a general reflection on teaching.

We are all kids, we are no longer kids

Imagine what would have happened if my teachers were to show me how to code when I was in elementary school. Maybe I would have become the female equivalent of Mark Zuckerberg and I would have been able to create something like Facebook, or even better.

Sure, I was taught to speak English because educators thought that it was going to be the language of the future, the international idiom that would have opened many doors for me. However, in retrospect, I would have been in a better position now if coding were a subject that the school system encouraged as much as a foreign language.

This led me to reflect on our role as educators, innovators. A lesson learned here is that fifty years later is now obvious that coding is the future, but what happened to those kids that were exposed to coding principles years ago by forward-thinking teachers?

I like to think that progressive educators are shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Including digital tools in our blended classroom environment is not enough, we need to "think future". We need to be able to foresee social changes and to expose students to new challenges, not merely adapt to what is now the status quo.

What are you doing to be in a better position to foresee social changes? What are the sources you read, the blogs you follow, the magazines you subscribe to, to be able to see the future clearly?

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