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The McVegan

McDonald's is testing the waters and offering a vegan burger in Finland

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Kind of a big deal?

McDonald's is testing a Vegan product offering. Shocking? Right.

From October through November, one of the largest global fast-food chains, renowned for its unhealthy food options, will be offering its very first vegan burger at selected locations in Finland.

I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian but the idea of McDonald's venturing into the plant-based market makes my skin crawl. I see this as a purely "business" choice, which seems completely at odds with such a "pure" lifestyle. I wonder whether my vegetarian/vegan acquaintances feel the same way, and whether they will have a different opinion based on their motivations (health, religion, environmental concerns, animal rights...).

Sure, the market for plant-based options also comprises health-conscious consumers, but I can't really tell whether this sounds like a genius or stupid idea.

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