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You have a choice. You have a voice.

You have a choice and a voice. Ethical consumerism is not just about choosing your brands based on their greenwashing claims. There is always room for improvement in the way big companies make business.

I am really impressed by the initiative of On this website, you can read about how food giants like Nestlè do business and you can easily and effectively share your call for action on social media. For example, Nestlè scores very poorly on gender equality, and if you feel strongly about it, the website provides a ready-made poster for you to share online.

Does it work? How long does it take brands to respond?

Well, according to the website:

"Two months. That is all it took for chocolate lovers and social justice activists to stand up to three of the biggest food companies in the world and create positive change in the food system. Mars, Mondelez and Nestle all agreed to look, listen, and act to make sure women cocoa farmers in their supply chains are respected – and we’re keeping track to make sure they stick to their promises."

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